Our aim is to help you and your pets through this difficult time and take your mind off things with some fun and interesting suggestions for Coronavirus lockdown pet activities you can do together to help your physical and mental heath during these incredible changes we are living by presently.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus is devastating the world and has impacted so many of us in ways we’d never imagined. Many countries have been placed into lockdown to try and control the spread of the disease. It’s a really difficult and scary time for many with a lot of incredible changes to the way we live our lives. We are so used to coming and going as we please, without risk of getting incredibly sick and having the ability to get whatever we want from the shop and not having to be faced with empty shelves where loo roll and cat litter should be!

It’s important everyone stays safe, abides by their country’s lockdown procedure and enables the positive effects happen sooner rather than later.

30 Coronavirus lockdown pet activities to do

1. Read about pet care

Reading about pet care can be fun and helps you make sure you’re doing the very best for your pet. There are some great books available as either hard copy, ebooks on Amazon which might interest you.

2.Read about pet biology

Biology is a really interesting subject and many of us know little about the physical inside of our pets…now might be a great time to learn about the biology of your pet and how different things can affect it.

3.Read a pet related story

There are so many story books out there! You can get books in hard copy or even as an e-book which is ideal in the circumstances. We have shown some of our favourite e-books below. If you want to find out more about the individual book simply click on the appropriate picture and you will be taken to the relevant Amazon page so you can read more about it. It will open in a new tab so you can still easily come back to read the rest of the article.

For adults…

For children…

Redwall is the first in a series by Brian Jacques. This was recommended by our design editor. It’s not strictly pets but features wild animals. Its a perfect read for older children or even adults who like a bit of fantasy and adventure.

4.Learn something new

Some of our Coronavirus lockdown pet activities focus on your personal development…this is one of those activities!

Online courses both free and paid are available on countless subjects. Some amount to a qualification and others are just for fun. Thinking of a career change after the Coronavirus crisis? why not use Lockdown to get ahead on your studies and fulfill your dream of working with animals! If you’re passionate about a certain subject and want to learn more for your own personal benefit, perhaps a more casual course would be suitable.

Compass education is a UK company who offer animal related correspondence courses. Some of their courses result in recognised qualifications and some are casual qualifications. There’s hundreds of course providers out there depending what you are looking for. Have a look and see what might be good fit for you based on what you want to achieve. In the future we’ll create a links page to some of our favourite learning resources to help people out.

5.Play with your pets

Playing with your pets sounds obvious but it’s a great way to relax. It also burns off physical and mental energy for both, makes you smile and lowers your stress levels…something we all need right now! You could play ball with your dog in the garden, play with your cat using a fishing rod or rolled up piece of paper, play peekaboo with your parrot.

6.Teach your pet something new – new tricks

Evert wondered if you could clicker train a goldfish or perhaps teach your cat to high five? With all that time you can now make a start to teach your pet something new. Use your imagination and let your pet shine! You could even video your progress and share it with your friends and family. Pet posts are always so lovely to see especially now! You can teach so many things to your pets! You can even teach your dog to run on a treadmill if you have one! It can be a lifesaver for high energy breeds at this time!

7.Groom your pet

It’s impossible to get to a professional groomers right now so why not learn to do it yourself. If you don’t have a full grooming kit you could make do with a few household items in a pinch. Alternatively if it is possible, you can order some essentials from Ebay or Amazon. If you’re a dog person but never groomed before why not read a book about the subject. These are our 2 favourite dog grooming books: Dog grooming for dummies and A-Z of Dog grooming by breeds. If you don’t want to go too mad, perhaps giving your pet a bath or a brush would be just the ticket. Its relaxing and productive!

8.Make something for your pet

It’s so great to do something with your hands and making something makes you feel positive and productive. Since all but the essential shops are shut why not have a go at making something for your pet. It could be a foraging tray for an African pygmy hedgehog, a cushion for a cat, a parrot pinata or a doggy collar or coat!

9.Cook something for your pet

There’s hundreds of things you can cook your pet. Anything from a simple piece of chicken or liver right through to posh home-made treats. Be sure to check what foods your pet cannot have as you don’t want to poison your pet while trying to do something nice for them. A quick google search will tell you of any specific foods to avoid. Of course you should always take into consideration your pets food allergies if he or she has them. If your dog has a suspected food allergy why not read our article on common dog food allergies.

10.Learn to draw or paint using a reference photo of your pet

This is a fun one and you don’t need anything fancy. A simple piece of paper and a pen or pencil will do. Of course if you have them and you want to use paints then go ahead. You’ll have plenty of photos of your pet to use as reference photos. YouTube is full of drawing and painting tutorials too! It’s never been easier to get ideas about techniques for any specific medium such as pencil or paints. If it’s not perfect who cares? What matters is that you have fun! You never know, you might find a new hobby or even a new career to continue with after everything has settled down a bit.

11.Start a blog, maybe of your pet’s diary

So many great stories are told and heard by real people. With a blog you can tell your story, share your experiences as a pet keeper during the covid-19 crisis or in general. You could tell stories from your pet’s perspective or your own and share news stories and fun tips with others. Who knows it might one day become a career! All you need is a simple website. Visit godaddy.com for domain names, reliable hosting and everything you need. There customer service is great too! A website is easy to build nowadays; even for beginners, and if you get stuck there are always plenty of tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere online.

12.Catch up with jobs around the home or your pets habitat

There’s no time like the present to get busy and up to date with everything! There’s always something to get sorted such as fixing things (assuming that you have the equipment and tools to fix them). Perhaps you keep reptiles and fancy having a move around in your reptile room. Maybe your aviary needs some new nesting boxes or perches cleaning out and positioning. There’s no end of jobs when it comes to pets! If your dog has plastered dirt up the wall in the porch and it’s one of those jobs you keep meaning to do…now’s the time! Afterwards, you can relax as best as you can, enjoy quality time with your pets and feel positive that you got everything done.

13.Clean all spare bowls and items

This is something that is usually done on a different timescale for everyone; but collecting up all bowls, toys and/or accessories and giving them a thorough clean will provide a positive and practical activity. Depending on how many items you have may be a potentially time consuming task too.

14.Write a list of fun things you want to do with your pet in the future

When the you feel like there’s no end to the issues we’re currently facing, try looking forward to positive things you and your pet can do together in the future. It’s a great way to get you thinking positive and thinking forward instead of thinking backwards and negatively. Maybe you want to do a sponsored walk for your favourite charity with your dog. Perhaps take your cat to his or her first cat show or even go on holiday somewhere with your pet.

15.Watch your pet and begin to observe and learn animal behaviour

We’ve all been guilty of humanizing our pets at some point in our lives and some of us still do! Watch your animal/s natural behaviour undisturbed. It gives you a chance to learn about them from a different perspective. There’s many great books on animal behaviour if you find the subject fascinating. The Cesar Millan books are some of our favourites for an introduction to canine behaviour. They also give practical tips on how you can alter your own behaviour and actions to bring out the best in your dog. If you are not a dog person, don’t worry; there’s many books geared towards other species of animals too! Don’t feel if you have a different pet that you can’t enjoy this subject.

16.Make pet relates puzzles and quizzes to share with your family and friends online

If you like puzzles making some for your friends is a really fun thing to do. It can brighten their day too! You could team up with friends and each create a puzzle so there’s a new daily puzzle for the group. You can all do this for as many days as you like. A cross word or word search is easily made with a basic computer and emailed or shared on social media. You even print them out if you prefer using a pen and paper.

17.Take photos of your pet

We all take photos regularly but what about really great photos? Ever wanted to get that perfect shot! You don’t need a fancy camera to get professional looking photos. Check out the various YouTube videos for photographing your pet with your mobile phone for lots of tips and tricks. You can share them with your friends on social media to brighten everyone’s day.

18.Sit in the sunshine with your pet and relax

Granted this isn’t possible for everyone at all times as it depends on your circumstances and the weather. Sometimes its nice to just take some time out, sit in the sun with your pets and think about nothing; just live in the present and relax with your pet. On a sunny day even without a garden, the sun streaming through the window can prove really relaxing…cat people will know exactly where we are coming from with this one!

19.Stroking  your pet & pet massage

Proven to lower stress levels…stroking your pet (if it’s appropriate to the species) is relaxing. It’s also a great way to bond with your pet. Pets that love being stroked generally include those which mutually groom each other. Those that do not may prefer a different type of interaction but can still help lower stress levels. Many pets love massage too and you can spend time massaging your pet to help them feel good too.

20.Watch a light hearted pet DVD or film on Amazon Prime or Netflix

The amount of films available now are astounding! Animal related films are often heart-warming and create a feel good factor. If you’ve never seen Hachiko a dog’s story it’s definitely worth a look but be prepared…its a bit of a tear-jerker so maybe not what you are after. Cats & Dogs is one of our favourites if you fancy something more fun, lighthearted and suitable for all the family! Beethoven is also a great one and family friendly! Sign up for Amazon Prime or Netflix if you haven’t already, they are so worth it! Both offer a free trial or the first 30 days free(or at least they did at the time of writing).

21.Research the care requirements for a new pet if there’s one you’d like to own in the future

Dreams of owning a particular type of pet may seem so far in the future and sometimes completely unobtainable! However, dreams are never going to be achieved if you don’t first dare to dream them and believe that they are possible. Dreams can become reality with some positive thinking and by creating actionable steps towards your goal. Maybe you have always wanted an African grey parrot or a Malawi Chiclid Mbuna fish tank…whatever it is, why not indulge in reading about the care and equipment you would need. Write a list of what you need to be able to keep that pet. Detail all the other things you need to achieve or set in place in order to realize the dream. This means including all the things you need to get in place in your personal life in order to accommodate that pet.

Go for it! Start working towards that dream if it’s something you really would love to have and you can set things up so you can offer a great home to that particular type of animal. It’s a fun exercise, it’s positive and encouraging thinking about something other than the virus outbreak.

22.Share a fun story about your pet on social media

Share a funny pet related story or tale of overcoming the odds in some way with your friends or family. It doesn’t have to be long, but by sharing it you may help others laugh, feel inspired or feel happy. You may even give them confidence in these dark times.

23.Write a book about a pet or animal

Budding writers listen up! This one is for you! Writing a book is more achievable in today’s world than ever before thanks to self-publishing. Your book could be a fact or fiction book and you don’t need any expensive equipment either. Pen and paper or a simple computer is just fine. If you fancied publishing your book once you finished you’ll need to create a cover. This is relatively easy, is fun for people who like design, and can be done using any simple design software. Alternatively, you could ask a friend to help and email you the design or hire someone on fiverr.com to do it for you.

You will also need to format your book for publishing which sounds way more complicated than it really is. YouTube again has some great tutorials for how to format an e-book in word or whatever word processing or desktop publishing program you are using. Simply type ‘how to format an e-book in word’ and a selection of great videos will be at your fingertips!

If you want to self-publish and e-book then sign up with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You get paid a royalty every time your book sells. If you enjoy writing it and perhaps get paid something at the end it’s a bit of a bonus! You never know…you might become the next J.K.Rowling!

24.Learn about basic colour genetics for your pet

A great option for people interested in breeding or perhaps just curious anyway! Colour genetics is a fascinating way to learn about how genes are inherited…in fact we have a free feline colour genetics course coming out soon; be sure to look out for that if that is your thing. Otherwise, a google search can lead to some surprising results. You could even try to work out the possible genotype of your own pets!

25.Start a vlog

Video is some powerful and really brings people closer together. For those who don’t know, a vlog is a video diary. It’s a great way to share your daily happenings with your friends or the world. YouTube is probably the most well-known platform for sharing your vlog but both Facebook and Instagram have great video options now too. Click here for YouTube tutorials on how to start a Vlog.

26.Start a podcast

Some people love audio and creating a podcast can be a great way to share your thoughts, tips tricks or stories with others. It can help to lift your day and theirs at the same time. We all get a buzz out of helping others and a podcast is a really great way to do this. You can record it very simply on your phone so no special equipment is needed to get started. For more information on how to start a podcast click here.

27.Start a YouTube channel to help others

YouTube is the king of video and a great place to share your pet related videos with others. You might want to offer tips and tricks on how to care for your pets or maybe how to train a particular animal. Perhaps you just want to share your experiences, even about your experiences with the Corona virus outbreak. You may be able to help others going through the same issues at you through your videos. All you need is a basic smart phone and your ideas. Check out the YouTube tutorials and follow your favourite YouTubers for tips and tricks on getting started an don’t forget to like and subscribe!

28.Get to grips with the principles of pet first aid

First aid for pets is a really useful skill. It can be good to learn the basics and maybe there are some courses in your area which you can take part in in the future. For now why not start with a google search and see what you can discover!

29.Chat to a friend about pets

Its times like this when we rely closely on one another for emotional support. Being isolated can feel very lonely. When it’s coupled with the fear and helplessness of the situation we find ourselves in, a chat with a friend can be really uplifting. You can of course talk about pets but you can equally discuss anything which lifts you both. Just enjoy each other’s company. You can chat by traditional phone or by video call/facetime. There are even apps such as ‘Houseparty’ which even enables groups of people video call together from different locations!

30.Evaluate your pet’s nutrition plan

If you are not keyed up on pet nutrition then now is a great time to educate yourself further! This can make sure you are providing your pet with the best nutrition possible. Watch out for companies with vested interests in the information they are telling you. It may not be strictly unbiased and they of course would never tell you an ingredient in their food wasn’t brilliant for your pet. Still, this rabbit hole of information can be a fun exploration and may lead to better health for our pet.

Stay safe everyone

We hope that list has helped give you some ideas of things you can do to help you through the Lockdown. Remember to be very careful and be sure to follow the guidelines for your country so we can all pull together to beat this virus!

A note about outdoor activities…

You will notice that we haven’t included Coronavirus lockdown pet activities that involve going outside beyond the garden. This is because lockdown is slightly varied in each country and the rules can change in a heartbeat so while dog walking is currently allowed in the UK at the time of writing it may be to a different degree than compared to say, Italy.

Also we want to encourage people to really crack this disease by following the lockdown procedure of their country. Sometimes, activities like dog walking along narrow paths and tracks don’t always allow for social distancing. This is particularly true in the sheer number of people we are seeing venturing out in the UK. For this reason, we suggest that if your country permits something such as dog walking outside your own property that you stick to local roads, being sure to use those paths which allow for social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel.

You should follow the advice given for your own country if you are reading this from abroad. Wherever you are from in the world, look after yourselves and those around you.

If you’d like to read any more of our articles why not check out our blog.

We want to hear from you!

It would be great to hear how you are all doing! Did you enjoy some of these Coronavirus lockdown pet activity ideas and did they help you in anyway? If you have any great ideas which could be added to the list to help others who might be struggling and benefit from suggestions please leave them in the comments below. They might really help other readers. Be sure to share this with anyone who loves pets and may find it useful so we can help as many people as possible! Stay safe everyone!

Much love to you and your pets

From the Furkidz Team!