Welcome to furkidz.org and thank you for visiting the site. Furkidz.org is the UK’s brand new pet care and pet free ads website and we really appreciate every individual user.

Our team are a dedicated bunch and we’ve made it our mission to promote responsible pet ownership and to help people with their pet related problems as well as try to help reunite people with lost or stolen pets. We aim to be a great place for responsible pet lovers, hobby breeders and rescue centres to find an advertise pets, animal accessories and even animal related jobs.

Puppy farmers we don’t want you here!

The Furkidz team hate puppy farmers and as such we will ban anyone who is a puppy farmer from the site. We do our best to check ads and watch for signs of puppy farming and animal cruelty (please view our terms of use for more information) but we can’t fight the battle alone and so rely on website users who actually physically visit the pets to help identify advertisers who are suspicious and possible puppy farmers. Fukrdiz.org fully supports organisations such as C.A.R.I.A.D and in keeping with Lucy’s Law we do not permit or support the advertising and sale of puppies and kittens not bred by the seller. For more information on how to spot a potential puppy farm and what to do if you think you have encountered a puppy farmer or unscrupulous seller please see our blog article: Stamp Out Puppy Farms.

We love research and encourage everyone to research before committing to a pet

It’s so important to thoroughly research before buying a pet and it is hoped that in time this blog, along with our related content on other platforms such as YouTube(coming soon!) will be able to help anyone wanting to learn and do the best for their pets. We want to help you be the best furparentz ever!

If you have a great pet story or want to share your favourite pet pictures connect with us on social media, we’d love to meet you and your furkidz!

Lots of love
The Furkidz team!