Dogs have long been regarded as being man’s best friend and its clear to see why. Every day dogs rescue people, fight criminals and help keep us warm from within…they know the true meaning of the word ‘family’. Enjoy the dog related articles on this page and feel free to share them with your friends so we can make a better world for dogs everywhere! canine charity shout out: Guide dogs for the blind!  A wonderful charity aimed at helping dogs help people!

If you would like to help guide dogs for the blind or sponsor a puppy then please click on the image where you will be taken to the Guide Dogs website. Thanks in advance for helping dogs and people!

Dog articles

Common Dog Food Allergies

An in depth article about dog food allergies to help you get your pet on the right track

List of hypoallergenic dog foods –

A helpful list of links to hypoallergenic dog foods to make choosing for your dog easier

Dog product reviews

There are no product reviews at present